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Who are we?

idol is a VTuber agency dedicated to nurturing and promoting the next generation of virtual talent. Our passion lies in empowering creative minds to spark joy and inspire the world through authentic and diverse content, transcending the boundaries of traditional entertainment. With a keen focus on innovation, we strive to provide the ideal platform for our talented VTubers to express themselves and connect with audiences globally.


We got you covered.

We firmly believe that investing in our talents is investing in our own growth. We're here to support all your streaming needs, from professional video editing to acquiring unique products for your unboxing streams. Want to stream your shopping spree as you select and purchase crazy products in real-time? We're backing you. Need the latest high-quality streaming equipment? We've got you covered. We are committed to creating an environment where you can concentrate on what matters most - creating engaging content for your fans. With us, you're free to let your creativity run wild, knowing that budget constraints will almost never hold you back.


We will help you grow, seriously.

We're not your agents, we're your partners. Day in and day out, we will be working with you, ensuring you achieve your personal goals and expand your fanbase. We strive to provide continuous opportunities to boost your visibility, from ad placements to access to invaluable resources and insights from our internal studies. With us, your potential for growth is limitless, as we work together to help you connect with larger audiences and achieve unprecedented success.

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Highest paying contract

Becoming a full-time VTuber is possible with idol. We are proud to have one of the highest paying contracts.

Legal coverage

We cover all legal fees for our talents free of charge and represent them in case of a lawsuit.

Management that cares

Our managers work with talents on a daily basis to insure their well being and provide backend support 24\7.

Tailor-made VTuber model

Get involved in your VTuber model design, from choosing the artist to the smallest details in the design.

We will pay for everything

Video games, original songs, emotes, equipment... you name it. Have us cover your streaming expenses!

Marketing and growth

We work with marketing experts to help our talents reach new audience through paid media and sponsorships.

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Ready to Debut?

This is what we get our talents for debut:

  • Tailor made VTuber model with leading industry rigging.

  • GOXLR Mini + SM7B studio microphone including extra accessories.

  • additional $3000 to spend on whatever you might need!

  • Cover song production.

  • Promotional art of your model.

  • Video games of your choice.

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idolEN Auditions are OPEN!

idolEN Gen 3 auditions are now open!

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I'm under 18, can I still audition?

No, you need to be 18 years old to sign a contract with idol.

What are the requirements to audition for Idol?

You can find the requirements on the audition page, just press "audition now".

What are the requirements to audition for Idol?

While it's not out of the question, our primary goal is to debut new VTuber characters. However, in exceptional circumstances, we may consent to a VTuber joining our agency with their pre-existing character, but only if we believe it will be beneficial to the talent and the agency.

Can I audition for a male VTuber?

idol is a VTuber agency exclusively focused on promoting female characters, and we take immense pride in advancing the careers of female entertainers in the industry. However, applicants of any gender are welcome to apply for roles representing female characters.

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