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Earn by Deepening the VTuber Rabbit Hole

Join the idol Clipper Program and turn your support for your favorite idol VTuber talents into earnings. Clip unforgettable moments, share them, and earn $1 for every 1,000 views your clip receives. The program is available but limited to selected clippers. Sign up now for the waiting list, and you'll be notified once you're approved.


Youtube Monetization Allowed

You're free to earn even more by monetizing your content through the YouTube Partner Program, without having to worry about copyright claims!

Special Rates During Events

Earn up to three to five times more during special events and debut streams!

Get Featured And Promoted

Clips will be regularly promoted and shared on our official channels, with proper links and credit given, to help you grow your channel even more!

Get Paid quickly With PayPal

Get paid directly to your PayPal account every following month on the 20th!

Offical Partnered Clipper Badge

Display your 'Partnered Clipper' badge wherever you like and gain recognition as a partnered clipper!

Access To Resources

Gain access to exclusive resources to enhance your clips and thumbnails even further!

Partnered Clippers


Pomu's Sweat [Vtuber clips]


Kazuma Sensei 


Kai's left toenails

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Idol Bandit

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Apply now for the Official Clippers Program and start earning instantly once you're approved.

Sign up now for the Closed Beta Program, limited to a $5,000 payout per month during Beta. Requirements can be found in the sign-up form.

Question: What is the age requirement for this program?

Answer: Only for people aged 18 and older.

Question: Can I continue clipping other VTubers on my channel?

Answer: Yes, of course. Feel free to continue clipping other VTubers, but earnings will only be calculated for views on clips featuring our talents.

Question: Are there limitations on earnings?

Answer: Yes, there's a hard limit of $5,000 payout per month during the beta.

Question: Can I earn from clips I've done in the past featuring idol talents?

Answer: You can earn from new clips made after being accepted to the clippers program.

Question: I can't use PayPal to get paid; can I still apply?

Answer: Currently, we only do payouts via PayPal.

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